Herman’s is on a mission to provide a healthy way to care for your clothes and your homes.

Herman’s is committed to providing an advanced garment cleaning service that, coupled with biodegradable soaps and conditioners, results in an exceptionally gentle and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning. Experience an innovative  technology that is even gentler than handwashing, and eliminate toxic chemicals in your laundry detergents – which is a #1 recommendation when it comes to sensitive skin care.

Herman’s offers toxic chemical-free and eco-friendly cleaning products that give you the opportunity to remove nasty chemicals from the day to day life of you and yours, along with extraordinary services that take the boring out of laundry.

Herman’s Promotes a Toxic Chemical-Free Philosophy

The team at Herman’s is committed to providing you with premium service, and to opening the door for you to live toxic chemical-free in your home – because we believe not just in caring for your clothes, we care about you too.


Sustainability is a core value at Herman’s. Investment in protecting and supporting the environment, the community, our customers, and our team is always a priority.


    Branded reusable garment covers are available for all account customers, and help to facilitate the collection and delivery as well.


    All plastic garment covers are bio-degradable.


    Customers’ metal wire hangers are collected and recycles by sanitizing and reusing them.


    Wet cleaning and laundry detergents are 100% biodegradable and safe to be disposed of into the drain.


    The entire shop is supplied with renewal energy sources and lit with LED technology. This reduces electricity consumption, heat loss, and replacement occurrence.

London Areas Currently Being Serviced by Herman’s Care-Full Cleaning


Old Brompton Road




South Kensington


West Brompton
The last thing you need to be worried about is laundry while you’re busy shopping on the King’s Road, walking along Sloane Square or Park Walk, or getting lost in your thoughts at the Chelsea Farmers Market, or hanging out at the Chelsea Beach.

Our Story

Herman’s believes that in this day and age, businesses have a social corporate responsibility to provide environmentally sustainable services and products. We recognize the power to provide services to the local community that create and follow trends that realize the importance of having a toxic chemical-free environment for ourselves and for the planet. Herman’s thinks globally, and acts locally – all while providing an outstanding customer experience.