Eco Dry Cleaner

Less Plastic with our green garment carriers Re-Use and get 10% Off each time  

Innovative Wet-Cleaning Technology for Healthier Clothes and a Healthier Environment

Herman’s mission is to provide a healthy way to clean your clothes and homes using only the most eco-friendly cleaning products and profesional cleaning services to take better care of you and your loved ones.


We all have our favourite articles of clothing that are equally as delicate as they are flattering. Allow Herman’s clothing expertise to care for those garments and shoes so that you can continue to fall in love with them again and again.

Eco-Dry Cleaning
Alterations and Repairs
Shoe Care
Duvets & Pillows
Home Collection
Leather & Suedes
Next Day Service
Removable Upholstery
Wash and Fold
Wedding Dress
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After struggling with a skin condition (dermatitis) that doctors couldn’t cure. I finally decided to eliminate all synthetic chemicals out of my home. Not only did my skin condition clear up, but the fogginess lifted from my mind and I had much more energy.”